Story Timeline

Feb 9, 2021. Ronald C. Johnson is given a case about a mysterious death. Beginning his investigation he sets forth. Cyber a small time criminal breaks into a car, and is caught on camera, being taken into police custody to sell out the guy he sold the radio to.

Feb 10, 2021. Detective Johnson shoots Cyber after he took a donut from the open box on his desk.

Feb 11-Mar 10 2021. Legal battle undergoes. Cyber is reimbursed by the city, and Johnson given paid leave.

Mar 13 2021. Johnson’s paid leave is cut short and he is called back onto the force. Cyber is hired on as a police informant.

Mar 14-20 2021. Johnson goes on a long search for clues, learning about Maxwell Ultra, and his involvement. Later he finds himself investigating a series of car thefts.

Mar 21-23, 2021. Cyber undertakes the car theft investigation. Johnson continues to follow his leads. The theft of a refrigerated vehicle coincides with the murder, and Doc Chop is found guilty.

Mar 31-Apr 5, 2021. Johnson is given lead on the increased drug activity in the city. Cyber investigates as well to find connections

Apr 6, 2021. Cyber is contacted by Grid, a mysterious voice who caught him stealing from a police vehicle, tasking him to infiltrate the police computers. Johnson looks into Ultra Tech.

Apr 7, 2021. Grid contacts both Johnson and Cyber, blackmailing them with the clear crimes they have committed and makes them go to the Dungeon. They then pass the labyrinth and inflitrate the Dungeon Master’s computer.

Apr 8, 2021. Johnson goes to Ultra mart and gets closer to the truth, and closer to death.

Apr 9- Jun 4 2021. After Johnson sets off a bomb to infiltrate a drug organisation, he “sells” drugs by giving them to the DEA, and giving money to the drug supplier to get in with them.

Jun 5, 2021. Johnson learns the DEA is in league with the drug dealers. Both him and Cyber are tasked to infiltrate the DEA and get the information needed.

Jun 6, 2021. Johnson gets information to finally take the DEA down. Going alone Grid sends in men to collect all the evidence.

Story Timeline

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